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UAB Stukma established in Lithuania on December 27 of 1994 year. In company works people with big experience in construction business.

Services we provide

Our company provide these construction services: monolith, masonry, earthwork, demolition, finishing, general construction, flat roofing, bitumen coating, pitched roof mounting, individual house building, recuperation.

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Masonry works

Walls of masonry blocks and bricks; external masonry walls of decorative bricks; masonry walls of clinker bricks; interior brick masonry of antique style

Monolith works

Different types of foundations: slabs, walls, columns, beams, lift shafts, grillages monolith and other works

Insulation works

Insulation of foundations; air gap insulation; insulation from the inside; roof insulation; walls insulation

Mounting plates

Sheetrock walls and partitions installation; gapsum ceiling installation; plasterboard decorative ceilings, walls, partitions and mounting elements

Assembling works

Assemblng of metal constructions and other construction works

Decoration, finishing works

Plastering, painting, decorative plastering, tiling of bricks, plastering walls, suspended ceiling installation, floor installation

Renovation works

Thermal insulation of buildings; windows replacement; insulation of foundations; roof replacement/insulation; other works

Reconstruction works

Foundation reinforcement; non-residential premises installation to residential premises; alteration of premises; installation by the project


Yard equipment; blocks, stones and other resurfacing; fence installation; luminary installation; recreation area equipment

Restoration works

Pilasters, columns, cornices, balconies, plaster, masonry and other restoration works

Construction works

General construction works

Roads (streets) building


Some of many our completed projects:

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